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Footage Freedom provides small businesses with high quality raw footage to help you make all the content you'll ever need.

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Need to grow your business, while being mindful of your marketing budget?

Create compelling ads and promotional content with our great-looking footage that demands attention. Save video production costs, agency fees, or hiring a content creator.

More bang for your buck

Craft cutdowns and ads, whenever you need. Re-use footage across multiple campaigns to get more value from your creative assets.

Content that grows you

Do your ads work? Take out the guesswork. We’re experts in production planning, for impactful results from every captured clip.

Editing, optional

With Footage Freedom, editing is up to you—saving costs, and putting the power back into the hands of those who care most about growing your business: you.

Helping kiwi businesses get more leads and sales for less.

Getting compelling footage that works is the hard bit. We sort that, delivering high quality raw footage for your team to use (and re-use) whenever, wherever - forever.

Footage sorted, organised delivered.

Subscription free. Book us only when you need, pay only for what you need.

Our services

Raw Footage
Content strategy
Shoot planning
Shot list/storyboard

Optional services

Motion graphics

Want to work with us?

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here's how to get started:


Send us a message

Start by sending us a message.

We’ll then touch base and send you our questionnaire.

No obligations here: this will simply help us better determine the best footage required to help your business grow.




Book a time to chat

Next, we will have a chat and hatch a plan to capture your own quality, purposeful footage to ensure maximum value. By the end of the call, you will have a competitive quote with a breakdown of the game-plan for you to review.


Shoot, sorted

Our team will be in touch to assist you in organising your shoot.  Whether you’re a production pro, or need a little bit of help  the details, we’re here for you! By the end of this step, you will have a custom shoot plan, and a content creator/videographer/photographer that is briefed on exactly where to go, and what to capture.


"Ads are only as impactful as the footage used to create them."

- Ancient marketing proverb

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Frequently Asked Questions

In contrast with most ad agencies, all footage captured by Footage Freedom is owned by you. Pretty great, right?! This means that you have the freedom to use any of the footage to create your own content and ads anytime, anywhere.

As you add more and more footage to your asset library, you will also be able to mix and match captured footage across multiple shoots – ensuring that you get the most out of your assets.

Our goal is always to maximise the value of every shoot.


Each shoot is different, but as a guide, packages start at approx $4950.

Your budget determines how much mileage you want to get out of your footage – 3 months’ worth, 1 year, etc. We operate on a per shoot basis, so the choice is yours.

If you are a New Zealand business with in-house creatives looking to create more professional looking brand content, we could be a great fit for you. 

We’re here to help you create professional quality digital ads and video content, without the hassle of organising the shoot, or having to capture it.

You’ll need to have an in-house creator that’s familiar with editing so you can put the footage to good use.


If you are a business who does not have an in-house marketing team, then we might not be the best fit for you.

We also don’t capture live events or music videos.

We understand that your business can get very busy! Don’t worry, our editing support team are happy to help if your business gets too busy! We offer an a la carte editing service for any of your footage, as well as coaching sessions for effective editing, as well as how to integrate AI editing into your business workflow.

No ideas required! Although if you have one, that is fine too.  

Nope. We capture, you create. We’ll supply everything that your shoot requires – lights, audio, etc. The cameras we film on will vary based on your  needs. So you can get the footage you need to create great in-house content.

We’ll capture the footage you need, so you can create the content that your business requires. 

If you’re not quite sure what kind of content is best suited to help your business grow, don’t worry. We will work through some content suggestions together, so your team can create the content they need with the footage. 

It depends on your needs. With Footage Freedom, we work on a per-shoot basis. This means you can get great footage whenever you’re running short on content, without having to organise and shoot it yourself.


So it might work out to be more cost-effective than hiring a part or full time content creator. If you already have a content creator, you can have them handle the post production when your footage is delivered to your inbox.

Privacy Policy

Footage Freedom is subsidiary of Symbol and Salt Ltd.

Located in Auckland. Serving NZ wide.

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